Thursday, March 3, 2011

What goes around, comes around.


what goes around, comes around. it's kinda what you sow, you will reap right?

when honestly is undeniably a true lie. when laugh is just a simple fake joy. and when smile is so much an artificial curve, lovely nicked on the face - what ''second chance'' has to offer?

as much as i hate giving my second chance away to someone i'm devoted into, so much i have tp tell myself that perhaps, when the right time comes, through the toughest day of my life, all chances i'm dying for are just one lurking desire. Unacknowledged. Saaved by the bell? dream on, girl.

so play it well.

p/s : wuteva happen in your life, it's in God's own plan and it will always be good in the end. have faith, Trust Him.(ihatequotes.twitter)

guys, if you does domething bad, something bad will happen to you. 

till then,bye.



Nurul Sharmila said...

yes.... whats goes around comes around... lumrah kehidupan zatil.. kta rancang, then Allah yg tentukan.. so, ape yg ada, kte kena trima seadanya.. and apa yg jadi, pasti ada hikmahnya.. :)

zatil said...

betol3. so, apa yg jadi, redha je kan :)
just live ur life. thehe

hey dear mila, u really rock my day la :) tenkiu.

Izbeta Shyah said...

yeah, orang yang dulu buat saya dah dapat balasan, saya takut tuhan balas balik dekat saya pula.!

zatil said...

izbeta, a'ah kan.
saya pon ada takot for one thing yg saya buat kat some people.huhu

fLy_AwAy said...

stiap ape yg blaku ade hikmah disebalik nye ^_^

zatil said...

yeayh. dat's true :)

rara_ibnu said...

nice words..btw, oredy folo u :)

zatil said...

oh tenkiu dear :)